Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yogi and Spaceman are the tip of the iceberg

Baseball Eccentrics, A Definitive Look at the Most Entertaining, Outrageous and Unforgettable Characters in the Game by Bill “Spaceman” Lee with Jim Prime; 2007; 206 pages; Triumph Books, Chicago, IL; 978-1-57243-953-5; 6/17/09-6/22/09

From Eddie Gaedel to Graig Nettles and everyone in between.  This is an entertaining look at some great ballplayers, some medicore and some lousy ballplayers who all have some sort of eccentrics.  From Mark Fidyrich to Ozzie Guillen, these are great stories of life among ballplayers, an inside look at the players.  I really enjoyed reading these stories.  It is a lot of funny stuff.

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