Saturday, January 30, 2010

A View of the Outside from Inside

Negro Baseball…Before Integration by Effa Manley & Leon Hardwick; 1976; Adams Press, Chicago, IL; 128 pages; 4/20-4/24/06
An intriguing look at the Negro Baseball leagues by Effa Manley, who co-owned the Newark Eagles of the Negro National League, with her husband Abe. Not concise, not chronological but insightful and interesting because of her viewpoint. This is more like a series of vignettes, highlights of her memories. A lot of the material I had just read because James Overmyer, quotes frequently and very liberally from this book. I enjoy reading books about this period in baseball and especially from an unique perspective. RRR
The picture is of Artie Wilson, who played for the Birmingham Black Barons in the Negro Leagues. Ruth Ann sews for his wife and I have had the wonderful opportunity to go and listen to Artie talk of the old days.

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