Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why Safeco has a roof

Rain Check, Baseball in the Pacific Northwest, Edited by Mark Armour, Photos from the David Eskenazi Collection; 2006; 128 pages; The Society for American Baseball Research, Inc, Cleveland, OH; 1-933599-02-2; 4/27/09-4/30/09
My good friend Cammie Garcia gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas and I chose this book.  It is a series of articles about baseball in the Pacific Northwest, going back over 100 years to company teams in the late 1800’s.  The Pacific Coast League and it’s member teams are covered here as are some of the stars who came out of the NW.  I would have to have found articles about the Eugene Emeralds and the Portland Rosebuds.   Did you know Jimmie Claxton was the first African American to appear on a baseball card?  Jiggs Parrott was the first player born in the Northwest to play in the major leagues.  An entertaining look at baseball in the home of rain.

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